Brookside Pink Magnum Offspring

Magnum's Playboy

Rebedon's Bat My Lashes


RosMel’s Millennium

RosMel’s Sun Fairy

Rosmels Prince Charming
"I was so impressed with my gelding out of Magnum
that I went back and bought a little mare
who is by Magnum as well"- Mrs. Hollis Grace

RosMel's Pixy Stix


Touch of Chocolate

RosMel’s Cinnamon Spice

Anderin’s Deep Pockets

GG Aria

Anderin’s Katydid

Bryn Taran's Dragonfly

Rosmels Da Vinci

Rosmels Serendipity ( Rosmel's Pretty in Pink)

Boston Run Nacho Libre' aka Captain America

Rosmel's Picasso

Texas Time

Follow Me
Rosmels Pink Chablis
Duck Duck Goose
Rosmel’s High Roller
Fox Creek’s Chorus Doll
Rosmels Tangy Taffy
Rosmels Dreamsicle
Rosmels Rock Star
Rosmels Promises to Keep
Rosmel’s Sebastion
Anderin's Lorelei

Rebedon Farm
Breeding the pony every child deserves